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1000W Solar UPS Inverter

1.Modified wave output, strong load capacity, a wide range of applications.


2.With perfect protection functions (Overload protection, over temperature protection, output short
circuit protection, input under-voltage protection, input overvoltage protection), greatly improving the reliability of the product.
3.Low noise, high conversion efficiency.


4.Iron shell, compression is good, high portability, easy to hang and carry.


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  • 1.Modified wave output, strong load capacity, a wide range of applications.


    2.With perfect protection functions (Overload protection, over temperature protection, output short 
    circuit protection, input under-voltage protection, input overvoltage protection), greatly improving the reliability of the product.


    3.Low noise, high conversion efficiency.


    4.Iron shell, compression is good, high portability, easy to hang and carry.