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Night Lighting System

Provide Electricity Anywhere
  • Camping Lamp

    Alenson LED Camping Light is light and portable. It also can effectively protect eyes for its soft bright light with no flicker. Water-proof let it can be used on rainy days. It can be charged via solar power and AC power. 


  • Tent Lamp

    Alenson LED Tent Lamp has soft bright light without flicker which can effectively protect eyes. It is also suitable for camping and lighting outdoors for its features of power saving, long life-span.


  • Night Reading Light

    Reading at night is a fine tradition of our nation since ancient times. In ancient China, some students tied their hair on the house beam and jabbed their side with a needle to keep themselves awake for hard studying. There is also a good story that says Kang Kung read The Spring and Autumn Annals at night.


  • Night Market Light

    Alenson Night Market Light is portable, environment friendly, economical and durable, and of long service life. It is especially suitable for night market, night outdoor activities, night fishing. 


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