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Water Pump Controller

Provide Electricity Anywhere
  • Variable-frequency & Constant-pressure Type

    Based on the international leading drive technology, Alenson V/F&C/P water pump controller is an independently R&D resolution with features of high performance, university and low noise. In spite of the variation of time and volume, it can sustain the pressure of water supply pipe. It realizes the constant water supply pressure by variable frequently regulating the pump motor’s rotating speed.


  • Smart LCD Type

    Smart LCD Water Pump Controller is suitable for the protection and control of automatic liquid level/pressure including deep well submersible pump, centrifugal pump and pipeline pump which is made of direct-start single-phase stainless steel/cast iron. Unique design, sensitive and reliable protection features make it a real that the pump can automatically stop in no or less water condition, without installing pool/well probe. It is more cost saving and convenient for installing and operating submersible pump and pipeline pump under deep earth.


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